Eastlands Trust

We’re Eastlands Trust.

We offer a unique collection of iconic sporting venues in east Manchester – an incredible and continually improving legacy from hosting the successful 2002 Commonwealth Games.

We’re here to provide access to some of the world's leading sporting facilities.

We’re here to be world class. In everything we do.

We’re here to support our communities.

We’re here to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We’re here to deliver a rewarding experience.

We’re here to assist you reach your potential. We’re here to help everyone achieve more.

All our facilities are open and accessible to anyone and everyone; the local community, clubs, spectators, athletes, competitors, city visitors – generally anyone interested in taking part in, watching or wanting to see why in Manchester, we live and breathe sport.


The Trust is a company limited by guarantee with not for profit status. It was formed in 1999 to manage the National Cycling Centre. Over the years the Centre has expanded and in 2011 was extended to incorporate an indoor BMX Centre and became connected to Clayton Vale providing a significant mountain bike offer. More recently in April 2014, the majority of the facilities directly managed by Manchester Sport and Leisure Trust transferred into the organisation, a same-day name change to Eastlands Trust was enacted which better represents the facilities within the current portfolio.

The Trust is responsible for the strategic and operational management for eight of Manchester City Council’s indoor leisure facilities. The facilities provide a broad and diverse infra-structure of regional and national centres of excellence for both the development of sport and the staging of high level training and competition. This range of different facilities allows a significant collection of activities to take place within them including health and fitness, sport and key educational, training and health programmes ensuring that the facilities have a significant local, district, regional and national significance.

Through the broad range of regional and national sports facilities that we manage across East Manchester, we are aiming to help everyone achieve more, whether this is providing access to some of the world’s leading sporting facilities, supporting communities to lead a healthier lifestyle or helping individuals reach their full potential. We have a strong social agenda, focusing particularly on projects working in the sphere of supporting health, reducing anti-social behaviour and addressing local community issues, especially in the east of the city of Manchester where the bulk of our facilities are located. We also endeavour to support local Manchester residents to access programmes which ultimately link to world class performance pathways.

The day to day operations of the Trust are managed by the Trust’s Executive Senior Management Team. The team is given strategic direction by a board of Directors regarding the provision and operation of the services in accordance with the contracts, leases, licenses and funding agreements made with Manchester City Council. The Board directs, supports and challenges the Executive in its work. Through the provision of such direction and guidance, and via the establishment of key policies, we benefit from the foundation of good governance and a connected board of directors that are both diverse and effective.

There are currently six Directors on the Board all of whom represent Manchester City Council, Sport England and British Cycling.

The portfolio of facilities we operate include;

For more information about Eastlands Trust, or to get in touch, please contact us on 0161 974 7837 or