Welcome to Manchester. We’ve always been a city of firsts – from the Industrial Revolution and splitting the atom, to opening the first public library and the birthplace that introduced life through IVF.

Our relationship with sport is no different. Core to our DNA, we have sport in our blood. A world renowned, award winning city, not just known for two of the world's leading football clubs, but also home to multiple national governing bodies and the National Centres for Cycling, Squash, Basketball, Lacrosse, Taekwondo, Water-Polo and Speedway.

We’re excited to welcome some amazing events who have chosen Manchester as their host, in turn playing their part in making our city and our region even greater. These events perfectly encapsulate the diversity and opportunities provided to our communities and visitors to get up close and personal to the very best athletes in the world.

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Breaking Boundaries


Phynova Six Day

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Manchester Trophy

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All our facilities are open and accessible to anyone and everyone; the local community, clubs, spectators, athletes, competitors, city visitors – generally anyone interested in taking part in, watching or wanting to see why in Manchester, we're Alive with Sport. Find an activity that suits you or get in touch.