This is Manchester

This is Manchester…we do things differently here.

We’re a city rich in sporting heritage, with an unrivalled passion for our local communities and an unbreakable commitment to excellence at all levels.

Manchester’s sporting reputation can clearly be attributed to the successful hosting of the 2002 Games, which contributed so much to improving the already enviable landscape in Manchester.

Our standard of facilities, ease of access, breadth of programmes and pathways into sport and physical activity stand proud as the benchmark for others to achieve, and we’re thrilled that local Mancunians continue to enjoy the benefits across our city.

We’re unashamedly confident there’s a good chance Manchester can provide you inspiration and opportunities…to improve your health and well-being, looking for an activity, for fun, or serious, as an individual, as part of a team, to join a club, or find social events, on your own, with friends or family, to try for the first time, or not tried for a long time, to come along and watch, the very best in the world, with world-class facilities, or become a volunteer, find a coach…to suit you and your needs.

This site is delivered by MCRactive. A not for profit organisation established and overseen by Manchester City Council, responsible for driving sport and physical activity across Manchester, inspiring and encouraging everyone to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

MCRactive is a proud member organisation of GM Active. GM Active makes it possible for communities across Greater Manchester to be physically active through bringing together all thirteen leisure organisations across the city region. For more information on GM Active click here

Have a look around the site, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for or want to know more about Manchester, get in touch.